Special Event / 07-21 September 2013


Tickets: 0.00 (Free)
Show Time: 4.30pm - 6.30pm

Supperette is a transient food station providing an early supper for people creating and absorbing culture (hungry work either way). Seasonal, colourful food to sustain and restore,  neither free nor expensive.
Luncheonette is the food strand of Jennie Moran’s visual art practice. It comes from looking for ways of making places or situations feel more hospitable. Things like warmed concrete, peach scented polythene, makeshift incandescent light bulbs, whiskey, straw have been used in the past to treat places/situations. Food is a really lovely material. Most phenomenally, it ends up inside people. It also allows us to spend time differently. It makes sense of things.
Prices and more information available closer to the festival!

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