Performance / 19 January - 11 March 2006


Tickets: 18

“I want to feel important. I don’t want to blend into the crowd. I want to stand out – to shine amongst the dirt and concrete. I want onlookers to think I’m a hard man, someone to be reckoned with, a rebel, a loner, a misguided youth, a jealous lover about to commit a crime of passion, a rich jealous lover, out of control and unable to hide emotions I’ve suppressed for years. Hold me back as I struggle from the police in slow mo. For freedom’s sake give me sirens, blue flashing lights and chaos with me in the middle at the centre of everything.”
Dublin will become an action-packed film set in an hour-long multi-screen video event. SUPER NIGHT SHOT begins exactly one hour before the audience arrives at the theatre – when Gob Squad take to the Dublin streets armed with cameras and shoot a live film in the heart of the city. Four people on a mission, and in a race against the clock, record their encounters with people and places in a bid to make movie history. In a magical journey through the streets, dog-ends, bus stops and wheely-bins become vital props, and innocent passers-by find themselves with starring roles in a drama that seems to have no script. With the cameras still rolling, the theatre audience waiting to see the film becomes the final scene as the heroes return home from their fantastical mission and show the fruits of their labours.
Totally unique to Dublin, SUPER NIGHT SHOT is an unpredictable show that elevates the everyday into the epic, and celebrates all that is dramatic and beautiful in the city.

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