Performance / 26-26 April 2019

SPICEBAG: XXXtra Portion Karaoke

Tickets: 6-12
Show Time: 9pm (Karaoke from 9.30pm)

Your friendly neighbourhood SPICEBAG slagzz are back. We’ve teamed up with the good folk at Live Collision to bring you a very special ORT party (but is it ORT?) Get ready for SPICEBAG: XXXtra Portion Karaoke!!! Lash into that curry sauce, wet your whistle and doe, ray, me me meeeet us in the bar of Project Art Centre for a dedicated night of musical silliness. Goaded and cajoled by your hosts Stefan Fae and The Dirt Bird, we will Celine Dion til we can Celine no more. We’ve got ABBA! We’ve got Spice Girls! We’ve got Eiffel 65! Or whatever you’re having yourself there now. Come join us for a night of all singing, all dancing, high-octane craiceáilte! Did somebody say DANCE KARAOKE? Ever heard of it? You’re in for a treat chicken Xx dress: UP get: down and DUUURTY Xx
SPICEBAG is an ad-hoc, queer performance night, and dance party, for succulent misfits, fabulous flamers, dazzling dykes, trans celestial travelers, your granny’s marigold gloves, bisexual bikers, Nadine Coyle, that chicken fillet roll from last night you woke up with on your pillow and DEVOURED, intersex impresarios, asexual agony aunts, cock goblins, hoop trolls and sure whatever else you’re having yourself there, lash it in that SPICEBAG !!!
Established in 2017 by artistic directors, and hosts on the night, Stephen Quinn and Sarah Devereux, SPICEBAG is spoken-word; cabaret; live performance; drag; visual arts; multimedia and a DJ set thrown in at the end for good measure. Sure what more could you ask for?
See XXXtra Portion Karaoke for just €5 when you purchase a ticket to Oisin McKenna’s ADMIN. Simply select your tickets and the discount will apply at checkout.


“Blown away by the talent onstage at SPICEBAG last night. A brilliant mix of queer/political/nutty. LOVED it. Make sure you’re at the next one”  Philip McMahon (Artistic Director THISISPOPBABY) [break] 


Sarah Devereux cartwheels over, dances on, and kicks dust at the line separating Art & Life, and this sometimes induces fear and anxiety! Working in a wide range of disciplines including, drawing, sculpture, paint, performance and video, her work could be described as extreme honesty dressed up in glitter. Her sculptures and drawings are crude but intelligent, disturbing but endearing, ‘fabulous’ but anxious, and immediate but considered. Her performance work moves between traditional performance art, video art, interventions and cabaret. Her work is explicitly political, and often tackles themes of female body autonomy, lack of opportunities caused by the recession, boredom and fear, whilst remaining playful, absurd, and accessible.
Stephen Quinn in a Dublin-based theatre and performance maker who makes clown; music theatre; drag; burlesque, physical theatre, and alternative cabaret. His work is is characterised by both rigorous, aesthetic artistry and a passionate interrogation of the status quo. Recent credits have included co-writing/performing in “Overfired” at the Dublin Fringe and Outburst Queer Arts Festivals (winner of the Outburst Queer Fringe Award, 2018); performing in Zoe Ni Riordan’s award-winning “Recovery” at Projects Arts Centre, Dublin, 2016/17 and the Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris, 2017; and performing as a “dandy minion” in MacArthur Genius Taylor Mac’s “A 24-Decade History of Popular Music: The First Act” at the Barbican Theatre, London (LIFT, 2018).

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