A-SIDE: Sophie Meehan / Ben Sullivan and Síofra O’Meara

Dates: 14 Dec - 14 Dec

Show Time: 6.30pm

Tickets: €12-14 (DOUBLE BILL: 1 NIGHT, 2 SIDES, €22)


by Sophie Meehan

Call: Why do I buy scratchcards when I know I won’t win?
Response: Because someone has to win.
Call: Why do I pray when I don’t believe in God?
Response: Because someone might hear me.

This year Sophie Meehan has been buying a lot of scratchcards. It’s been the worst year of her life, but some good things have happened. She won 8 euro once. In a new performance art piece, she’ll share her rituals and indulgences and play the game of chance, just once. She won’t hear your responses, she won’t know if you’re there, but she’ll do it anyway. Pray responsibly, pray for fun.


by Ben Sullivan and Síofra O’Meara

I do stupid things anyway, I guess I was afraid I’d do something stupid”. We hear stories that we hope aren’t true, but who would make that up about themselves?

”I am in control” – this is what we tell ourselves when we walk home at 3 o’clock, stumbling, trying our best to move normally, paranoid that others may know; you are not in control.

It is the dichotomy of control that lies at the heart of Ireland’s alcoholism. We drink to lose control – ”I just want to let go”, but look back with regret and embarrassment, and wonder what we were doing…


Catch this and B-SIDE: Luke Casserly / Jane Deasy for just €22, simply select your tickets and the discount will automatically apply at checkout. EASY.

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