Theatre / 12-12 May 2004


Tickets: 15

“The play of the decade” – The Spectator
On a wintry night in London, a wealthy man knocks on the door of a shabby flat. A woman answers. Once they were lovers. They haven’t seen each other for three years. What will happen now?
Skylight is an exhilarating, impassioned, intellectual firecracker of a play from one of the greatest playwrights in the English language. It is, above all, a love story.
“A dramatist of the first rank is writing at full stretch, in complete command of his material, undogmatic but unafraid, unforgiving but compassionate.” – Sunday Times
“Magnificent” – New York Post
“Splendid! Devastatingly clear-sighted and compassionate … theatre-going today doesn’t get much better than this.”
– The New York Times
“An exhilarating experience” – The Guardian
Directed by Michael Caven
Designed by Joe Vane
kLighting by Rupert Murray
Starring Cathy Belton, Michael FitzGerald and Owen Roe
In partnership with the British Council, Ireland.

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