30 November - 01 May 2023


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After the successful run of our first series of free online SkĒNOGRAPHIA Masterclasses, talks and upskilling workshops, engaging with the diverse range of voices & disciplines in Irish scenography, ISSSD proposes a second series that broadens its scope stimulating cross-collaborative dialogues with the theatre sector.

This second series looks at legacy as well as showcasing the emerging voices that are shaping Irish scenography, whilst nurturing those who will shape its future, with a tailored session for students exhibiting at PQ2023; it also continues fostering eco-sustainable discourses and will host two renowned international designers to discuss aesthetic trends.*

The first series marked a milestone in the growth of scenography education in Ireland, addressing current necessities of design for performance, providing expert technical and creative skills, mentorship and advice, engaging with eco-sustainable models and setting standards for visual rigour and best practices. 

Besides, the masterclasses are recorded and published on ISSSD’s website, being an invaluable resource for professionals and students. 

Finally, taking into consideration accessibility issues and possible public-health restrictions in 2022, we decided to continue this second series online. 

However, in the spirit of the pre-pandemic initial idea for SkĒNOGRAPHIA, namely, live masterclasses, informal regular meetings and mentoring, we are incorporating two small-scale live events, COFFEE SPILLS, consisting of 4 morning meetings over 2022 and 2023 months open to any designers hosted by our sectoral partner, Irish Theatre Institute and WINE SPILLS consisting of an evening gathering on 23rd November 2022, 5pm-9pm at The Dean Art Studios. 

These online masterclasses are announced on a monthly basis. Please, see details below of the next upcoming masterclass.

Next Online Masterclasses

Wednesday 30/11/2022 – 7pm-9pm | BOOK NOW

1. Looking back to Look forward – A Retrospective of Irish Scenography with Frank Conway, Moggie Douglas, Alan Farquharsan & Kathy Strachan

This retrospective brings a fresh stance to stage design practices in Ireland in the past 50 years, from the exceptional influence of Tomás Mac Anna (Artistic Director of the Abbey Theatre 1972–79 and 1984–85), who created a key partnership with NCAD, to other no-less exceptional key players such as Michael Ozmin (Professor and Head of Faculty at NCAD and champion of disability design), Monica Frawley, and RTÉ’s Quentin Mitchell and Lona Moran.

This retrospective will also offer insights into approaches to training to learn the craft: from mentoring and apprenticeship to its professionalisation via third level education, and how the role of the designer has evolved from a more functional role – a decorator – to an indispensable part of a team of creatives.

It will also reflect on the differences and similarities in theatre’s modes of production and resources from a designer’s standpoint, the impact of technology, the intersections and deviations between mediums and performing arts disciplines, and on working in different socio-cultural spaces.

Tuesday 06/12/2022 – 11am-1pm | BOOK NOW

2. A Golden Thread: The Composition of Time with Peter Power

Multidisciplinary artist Peter Power will focusing on sound design + composition and discuss how his journey through Theatre, Music, Dance, Film and ultimately Multidisciplinary art practice has been threaded together by exploring “the composition of time”.

This conversation will cover

  • concept realisation
  • immersion
  • composition (music vs soundscape vs sound design)
  • sonic dramaturgy (multidisciplinary practice)
  • sound design for performance
  • surround sound (digital/physical)
  • studio techniques
  • current technologies

The masterclass will be framed as a skill share, informally structured around open conversation and inquiry into each topic.

Some design experience would be useful but not essential, and it’s open to designers, musicians, directors, makers of any practice.

Friday 16/12/2022 – 11am-1pm

3. Aoibheann Greenan & Sarah Browne: Interdisciplinary Scenography (Booking opens soon)

Friday 13/01/2023

4. Emerging Theatre Designers Panel chaired by Maree Kearns with Pai Rathaya, Ellen Kirk and Jack Scullion
(Booking opens soon)


Upcoming Masterclasses
5. Creative Lighting Design

6. International Aesthetics I (a conversation with an international scenographer)

7. Site-Specific Design / Collaborative Design – Directors & Designers

8. Eco-Scenography and Green Theatre Initiatives 

9. PQ2023 Student’s Exhibition Advice 

10. International Aesthetics II (a conversation with an international scenographer)

*The topics have been decided after receiving feedback from masterclasses’ attendees & our membership via surveys.


You can find the latest information about Project’s accessibility here. Please do not hesitate to contact us at access@projectartscentre.ie or call 01 8819 613.


Producer: Noelia Ruiz
Co-producers: Catherine Fay, Katie Davenport, Sarah Foley


Funded by the Arts Council of Ireland with a Theatre Resource Development Scheme Award. Presented in association with Project Arts Centre.

Project Arts Centre is proudly supported by The Arts Council and Dublin City Council.

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