Music / 29-29 July 2015


Tickets: 9
Show Time: 9.00pm (Doors 8.00pm)

SOLD OUT: Tonight’s gig is now sold out!
Secret Songs is a celebration of hidden gems, forgotten classics and obscure anthems.
Join us in our bar for an intimate evening with Cathy Davey, Ye Vagabonds, Paddy Hanna and Pete Pamf!
Cathy Davey is an Irish singer-songwriter whose last album The Nameless was nominated for choice music award.

Ye Vagabonds are a folk duo of two brothers who play a combination of traditional folk music and original songs. This will be their only gig in July!

With a pedigree that includes Grand Pocket Orchestra and Ginnels, Popical Island protégé Paddy Hanna released his debut solo album Leafy Stilletto last year.

Pete Pamf‘s music draws its influence from a number of diverse sources including funk, rock and even hip-hop. This has lead to comparisons with Fun Lovin’ Criminals and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Pete will be playing obscure covers with Cathy Davey on drums.

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