02-02 February 2007


Tickets: 7

The godfather of Irish electronic music, Roger Doyle (on grand piano this time), joins up with laptop genius Ian MacDonnell as well as Jenny And The Deadites for an evening of cutting (h)edge music.

For a taste of what to expect on the night visit www.rogerdoyle.com & www.lakker.com

‘ …this is delightfully approachable music of an often all too rare beauty.’

The Journal of Music in Ireland

‘…informed as much by Ambient electronica as musique concrete, this is a strong document of Doyle’s openmimded and unpretentious compositional approach…the results of the processing are dreamlike and gorgeous…the missing link between Pierre Henry and The Orb perhaps?’

The Wire Magazine on Passades – Volume 2 by Roger Doyle

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