Music / 09-09 March 2012


Show Time: 6:00pm

Space Upstairs
By Roger Doyle & Cormac Breatnach
A night of music from Roger Doyle and Cormac Breatnach to celebrate the launch of their new albums.
Following the haunting narrative tale of Roger Doyle’s last CD Cool Steel Army (2009) Psychonavigation Records is proud to present the latest project by Ireland’s godfather of Electronica – Roger Doyle.
When speaking about the project recently Roger said “I have composed music around telephone answering machine messages left on my machine from the late 1980s: from my now-deceased parents, my son when he was ten (he is now a father himself), Jonathan Philbin Bowman, and the morning after the opening night of Oscar Wilde’s Salomé at the Gate Theatre, for which I composed a 2 hour onstage piano score. There’s an atmosphere of nostalgia around these messages. Perhaps it is something to do with irretrievable time and the distance of 24 years that has passed since they were left.”
These intimate verbal time capsules have been interspersed with instrumental compositions evoking a world of an ancient race memory, giving a hint of exotic imagined cultures. Both ideas are forms of time signatures.
In 2011 The NOVA programme presented by Bernard Clarke on Lyric fm broadcast a one hour profile of these new works of Doyle. The programme which is built around Chalant was then chosen as one of the Top 5 winners in the prestigious Prix Europa awards in Berlin.
Éalú, the long awaited album from respected whistle player Cormac Breatnach is now finally with us and features 7 tracks involving 22 musicians/singers from  Japan, Africa and the USA, including Japanese pop singer Kokia – USA’s Vanessa Williams (Desperate Housewives), Afric’s Uché Gabriel Akujobi and Niwell Tsumbu and Spain’s La Musgaña.
Cormac Breatnach’s musical pedigree has, from the outset, been one of distinction, marked chiefly by his willingness to find new expression for old forms, forging them into exciting soundscapes, finding their outlet in such combinations as Méristem and Deiseal, both of which challenged conventional norms of rhythm and melody, as well as being creators of some of the finest original music to emerge in the last 25 years.
On Éalú, Breatnach acknowledges, the connecting strands which bring disparate cultures together, his own heritage central to, but not dominating, proceedings. This is an album of warmth and conviction, of investigation and integrity. It is at once secular and spiritual, will transport the listener to a world where boundaries melt away, and the music becomes the most personal of experiences.
Breatnach’s relationship with actress/singer Vanessa Williams commenced in 2001 when he and guitarist Martin Dunlea (Music for Whistle and Guitar CD) travelled to NY and were heard on WFUV Radio by Williams.  Since then, they recorded with her in London and performed live with her on Broadway, culminating in their appearance on TV on Live by Request (devised by singer Tony Bennett). © IMRO MQ Feature April, 2005.
This new recording, Éalú, which took over a year and a half to complete, also features  producer/musician Gavin Ralston.  It can be described as a “concept” album involving familiar themes of love, loss, and awakening but with a large sprinkling of fun for good measure.
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