Dance / 12-14 January 2017


Tickets: 10 - €14
Show Time: 7.45pm

Revolutions: proclaimed promises meet resistances made of flesh, bones, history and objects.
REVOLVER presents a woman and a barricade in a solo that draws parallels between personal attempts for change and the universal process of social transformation. Mixing dance, film, visual arts and music, with references to the dark humour and sadness of the black & white films from the silent movies era.
This new piece REVOLVER draws from a short work produced by Dublin Dance Festival for the commemoration of the Proclamation of Independence
Presented by Iseli-Chiodi dance company, in collaboration with Martin Mele (visual art) and Oscar Mascareñas (music composition).
“Delightful… Visually arresting… Wonderfully moving in its struggle and simplicity.” Irish Examiner

Company Information
Trained in Argentina, Jazmin Chiodi worked in Buenos Aires, in Montpellier, and since 2005 in Ireland. Swiss-born Alexandre Iseli performed worldwide since 1992 with renowned companies from Switzerland, France, Belgium and Ireland. Iseli-Chiodi’s work aims to find true voices for the body in motion, calling on personal memory imprints to let the body talk histories that are not accessible through speech. Their work seeks empirical creativity through collaboration with choreographers, dancers, visual artists, musicians…
Since 2009, Iseli-Chiodi’s pieces have been performed in Ireland, Mexico, USA, Venezuela, France, Switzerland, Germany, the UK, Korea and Russia.
Iseli & Chiodi also direct Tipperary Dance Platform since 2008. Contributing to develop dance regionally and nationally, the programme implements resources for the dance sector, activities for the local community, and the annual international dance festival TDP
Duration 45mins, no interval
Suitable all ages
Concept & choreography: Jazmín Chiodi & Alexandre Iseli
Dance: Jazmín Chiodi
Visual concept: Martín Mele
Soundscape composition: Oscar Mascareñas
Lighting Design: Pius McGrath
Stop motion film: Alexandre Iseli

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