Performance / 05-05 December 2003


Tickets: 11

Crooked House Theatre Company return to the fringe festival hot on the heels of the critical success of Voices in the Rubble with another play from writer/director Darren Donohue which exposes the absurdity of the human condition.
Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Endgame this lyrical play concerns the reminiscences of a chair-bound old man who is attended by another old man, his keeper. We realise that all is not as it appears in this world, and that something dreadful is happening outside. It also seems that one of the men is a prisoner, and is perhaps being tortured by the other.
Each of them has lived in poverty and want for years, never leaving their rooms, ignorant and fearful of the outside world that eventually bursts in upon them in the form of a third, younger
Irish Times, 24th September 2003 **** ‘Keeeley’s superb performance makes this play extraordinary.’

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