Theatre / 04-13 September 2014


Tickets: 16/14 (Previews €11)
Show Time: 6.30pm

Award-wining theatre makers, The Company, apply their trademark wit and charm to one of the cornerstones of Greek Tragedy. The Rest is Action takes a look at The Oresteia from a new perspective to investigate how everyone today, as in the past, is a tragic subject of their own making.
What was empty is what now makes it all work. Empty gestures become action. 2,500 years ago we invented a fiction called tragedy. We believed in it so much it became real. We live it now. Why can’t we get out of it? Why do we still need a fiction to live in? This is not the story of a tragic hero, it is yours. Spirit of the Fringe and Best Production winners are back with a radical visual journey to our origins. Witness the reinvention of one of the greatest tales of all time – The Oresteia.
The Company is a collective of theatre artists (Jose Miguel Jimenez, Robert McDermott, and Nyree Yergainharsian) based in Dublin, who make work that changes how theatre is made and seen by looking and learning from the everyday.  In 2009, The Company won the Spirit of the Fringe Award for Who Is Fergus Kilpatrick, which was re-commissioned by Project Arts Centre in April 2010 and then traveled to Romania. In 2010, The Company won Best Production for As You Are Now So Once Were We, which was re-commissioned by The Abbey Theatre in January 2011 and then traveled to Los Angeles at Radar LA Festival and Invisible Cities Festival, Portugal and English Theatre, Berlin. In 2012, The Company created Politik for the Dublin Theatre Festival, which then traveled to Braunsweig Germany for Fast Forward Festival in November 2013.


Co-produced by The Company and Project Arts Centre.
The Company are supported by The Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaion.
The Company are part of Project Catalyst, an initiative of Project Arts Centre.
Developed at FRINGE LAB with the support of Tiger Dublin Fringe.


This show contains strobe lighting effects.

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