Performance / 18 September - 14 January 2005


Tickets: 10

RESONANCE I explores the kind of passionate and problematic relationship that everyone understands. A couple can’t stand being close but can’t bear to be apart swinging from tender to aggressive, hopeful to nostalgic. This is a poetic and emotionally charged piece with a tragic and funny outcome directed by Dublin Fringe Festival director Wolfgang Hoffmann, three-time Edinburgh Fringe First Winner.   RESONANCE II, directed by Israeli Ilanit Tadmor, is a visually exciting ensemble work in which the rules of the choreography are re-interpreted during each performance. The audience is taken on a whirlwind trip ranging from aesthetically beautiful to grotesque and hilariously surreal images. This Derry-based dance theatre company with a flourishing international reputation brings together an international ensemble of 7 performers for two related works by two choreographers. Irish Theatre Magazine Fringe reviews online
Echo Dance Theatre Company-UK

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