Special Event / Talks and Readings / Vis Art / Workshop / 31 May - 04 June 2022

Radical Queer Pride for Homes – Open Meeting and Banner Making Workshop

Tickets: Free

Public meeting and workshop in Project's Gallery space.

This event is part of the Clear Away the Rubble / Glan an Spallaí ar Shiúl: Public Programme.

Show Time: Tues 31 May, 6PM | Sat 4 June, 11am

Project is happy to host two upcoming events with Radical Queer Pride for Homes as part of our open research project Clear Away the Rubble / Glan an Spallaí ar Shiúl.

Tues 31 May | 6pm-7:30pm

Find out more about how the coalition got together, give us some feedback, and perhaps get some of your burning questions answered. This is a perfect opportunity to find out about what we stand for and if you stand with us, you can find out how you can get involved. We believe that every individual has the power to effect change.

Sat 4 June | 11am-2pm

Join us for a banner-making workshop in advance of our alternative Alternative Pride March on 25 June. An article from District Magazine states that, as of 12 May, there are only 851 homes available to rent NATIONALLY, and 11.7% rent price inflation this year alone. Our demo couldn’t be more important in this current housing crisis where LGBTQ+ people, people of colour, migrants and asylum seekers are all disproportionately affected. JOIN OUR ALTERNATIVE MARCH ON JUNE 25th!! GET LOUD! GET REBELLIOUS! PRIDE IS ABOUT REBELLION AND JUSTICE!


You can find the latest information about Project’s accessibility here. Please do not hesitate to contact us at access@projectartscentre.ie or call 01 8819 613.


Radical Queer Pride for Homes

Are you tired of seeing your friends move abroad because of a lack of affordable housing? Are you tired of seeing our community spaces paved over for soulless hotels and poor, exorbitantly priced rental accommodation?

Are you tired of OUR struggle being coopted by corporate pride and not even being represented fully as working class folk, as POC, as migrants, as sex workers, as trans folk, as queer folk needing healthcare, as asylum seekers…

Corporations have NO PLACE in our campaign for justice. We formed this coalition in response to the hypocrisy of Dublin Pride Parade and corporate prides everywhere. We hope you get angry with us – 25th June 2022!


Project Arts Centre is proud to be supported by the Arts Council Ireland and Dublin City Council.

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