Talks and Readings / 28-28 March 2014


Tickets: 10
Show Time: 6.00pm

Through sheer grit and determination she pulled herself out of the hell she was living in… what an achievement. She is an inspiration.” Allison O’Reilly, Sky News
In her early twenties, Rachael Keogh was a desperate heroin addict. Her addiction to the drug took her to a place about as low as a person can go. She had grown up in Ballymun in difficult family circumstances and had, like many others, succumbed to the lure of drugs during her teenage years. Heroin nearly killed her. By the time she eventually went into recovery, after a number of false starts, her arms were shrivelled, withered and blackened from the effects of repeated injections. She had suffered every degradation possible. But miraculously she managed to stop.
Rachael Keogh is the author of the book ‘Dying To Survive’. The book tells the story of her addiction, but in the book she tried not to talk much about drugs. She wanted to talk about the other stuff, the stuff we don’t talk about, the reason we take drugs to begin with.
For the past few years, Rachael has been travelling the country giving talks about her story. She wants people to know that anyone can become a drug addict, and you never think it will happen to you. She has learned a lot about addiction, but she still knows nothing about it.
This is Rachael’s take on where we are at now, if she had her way – she would tear the whole thing apart and start again. Come and hear how she would do it.
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