Hilary O'Shaughnessy

Special Event


Dates: 17 Oct - 17 Oct

Show Time: 2pm

Tickets: €15 (includes admission to all 3 talks) (Add admission to the Prototype Playground for just €5 when you purchase a ticket to Prototype Talks. Not available to purchase online contact Box Office on 01 8819 613 to book your Talk and Play combo. )

Prototype is a brand new festival of Play and Interaction which brings together some of the most playful designers in the world, to engage, excite, inspire, create and energise the city by providing a new platform for innovative social interaction and cross disciplinary play.

The festival will open with a series of talks from some of the most exciting designers and game makers from Ireland and beyond.

Talk 1: Permission to Play
What does it take to make an entire city be more playful? What does play on a massive scale look like and what does it take to make it?

  • Victoria Tillotson from the Watershed in Bristol will present the Playable City Project.
  • Game Designer Holly Gramazio will present a selection of large scale installations and city play projects she has designed as an independent and as part of the studio Hide and Seek.
  • Tara Whelan will present an overview of playful design in Ireland.

Talk 2: Cross Disciplinary Play
Focussing on projects that defy categorisation, we will hear from boundary shifting artists and designers about their playful work and what the notion of prototyping has brought to their practice.

  • Simon Bachelier from One Life Remains will discuss their art games, and practice.
  • Julian Adenauer from The Constitute will discuss the development of Eyesect, which will appear at the festival.
  • Denise Heffernan talks about playful approaches to digital design at the Cork Gaol.
  • Aoife Courtney, theatre-maker will discuss the use of games in making theatre.

Talk 3: Theatre and Games
As theatre artists increasingly design games and game designers turn to performance to enhance their work, what are the benefits and disadvantages to mixing game and theatre?

  • Dan Bergin – Maker of Fused, PHD in Theatre and Games discusses what can be learnt from both worlds.
  • Pat Ashe Writer, Performer, Games Journalist and Wild Rumpus Organiser talks about his work that mixes theatre and games.
  • Mairead Ni Chronin, game designer and theatre-maker will discuss her work

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Prototype is curated by Hilary O’Shaughnessy as part of her Theatre Artist in Residence programme at Project Arts Centre and Dublin City Council with the support of the Arts Council of Ireland, the Goethe Institute, the British Council and the French Embassy.

Hilary O’Shaughnessy is a Project Artist.

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