14-14 October 2006


Tickets: 15

Olivia, a hot, young starlet in the delirious world of Hollywood, is pining for a script that would save her from the hell of B-movies and catapult her career into ascent. A script which balances artistic integrity with blockbuster bucks. James thinks he’s got the perfect pitch – a script which combines a torrid love story with the dark spectre of terrorism and big, big explosions. If he can only persuade Olivia, he’s got the perfect ‘product’.

Mark Ravenhill, one of the best British playwrights of his generation, interprets his own text for the first time. The play deals with a challenging and achingly topical subject, global terrorism, but handles it through the means of the most cliché-ridden melodrama.

‘Ravenhill’s brilliantly poisonous satire is up-to-date demonstrating a mastery of slick cultural references and the flaky-glamourous language of product placement ‘

Sunday Times

‘Wicked Comedy ‘

Irish Times



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