27-27 November 2004


Tickets: 8

Have you ever been taken unawares by something in the air – transported to another place and time by an intangible but achingly familiar scent? On the Scent explores the elusive connections between smell and memory. The performance takes place in a home through which audience members are invited on intimate and deliciously aromatic journeys. Scents mingle and intertwine in the living-room, kitchen and bedroom and three distinctly different performances exude their own haunting essences throughout the house. On the Scent features performances by Leslie Hill, Helen Paris and Lois Weaver.

Curious is the London-based company of Helen Paris and Leslie Hill, international artists known for their edgy, humorous interrogations of contemporary culture and politics. Since its beginnings in 1996, curious has created a unique body of live and digital art that has been called ‘as smart as it is seductive’.

“…the ordinariness of the domestic setting is transcended and transformed into something quite extraordinary. Well worth a sniff.”

The Guardian

Each performance has a maximum audience capacity of 4.

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