Theatre / 13-14 October 2016


Tickets: 18 - €25
Show Time: 7.30pm

This is Not a Love Story is a tale of two reluctant heroes – Kowalski and Vera.
At least, those are their names in one of the scenes.
With a disarming simplicity, they switch between dance and scattered questioning: Who did what? When? Where? And why?
Is there any specific period in the history that I should focus on? Have you ever worked in the fishing industry?
A delicate search for context and connections, which always seem to be slightly beyond our reach, the journey becomes not about the destination, but the transformation and reflection along the way.
The journey keeps starting over. Again and again as in a choreographic road movie.
Gunilla Heilborns’ unique approach to combining text, movement, video and imagery, always spiced with dry humour and filmic timing, has established her reputation as one of Sweden’s most interesting performance and film artists.

Join the conversation:
Running time: 55 min (no interval)
Talking Theatre: Thu 13 Oct post-show
With Gunilla Heilborns and members of the company
Warning: contains strobe lighting

Co-production: Gunilla Heilborn, NorrlandsOperan, Göteborgs Dans och Teaterfestival with the support of the EU’s culture program through NXTSTP and Dansens Hus
Supported by the Swedish Arts Council, the Culture Committee of Stockholm and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee
Photography by Stefan Bohlin
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