Theatre / 11-15 November 2014


Tickets: 15.00/13.00

All opening night tickets, 11 November, just €10! | Earlybird - Book before 4 November and save 25%

Show Time: 8.15pm

A multi-lingual science-fiction drama in Irish, English & Empirish*
It’s 2084 and a world where ‘The Empire’ reigns supreme. Most European languages are forbidden and we are introduced to the menacing wilderness that was once Belfast.
Makaronik, the last woman standing, has been instructed by ‘The Empire’ to wrap up her archive and send back all remnants of the Irish language to ‘The Centre’ for ‘storage’. Two high level officials arrive to ensure that all goes smoothly … but will it all go as smoothly as planned?
Futuristic yet rooted in an ancient tradition (think of Beckett’s Endgame, Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner, with just a hint of The Matrix) Makaronik is a play that asks big questions about the relentless drive of technology and about what we are losing as it makes our world seem smaller.
Makaronik is a story about home, security, and the basic human need to create a community, even under the most alien of circumstances.
Aisling Ghéar is the Irish Language Theatre Company in the North of Ireland. The company’s mission is to contribute to the development of Irish Language Theatre and the valuable contribution it can make in expanding and enriching the vibrant cultural experience of this country’s unique heritage.
Makaronik – derived from the Latin ‘macaronic’, meaning the humourous or satirical intent to mix up languages.
Empirish – similar to George Orwell’s ‘Newspeak’ or the Klingon language in Star Trek.
Lie-down-lie-down is Empirish for sex!


Written by Dave Duggan
Performed by Mary Conroy, Liz Fitzgibbon, Cillian Ó Gairbhí


Suitable ages 15+
The ‘Gist’ of the Irish language scenes
will be displayed on a screen.
There will be a post show discussion following performances on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 November.

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