12-12 May 2004


Tickets: 18

MAC-BETH 7 is an unashamedly postcolonial interpretation of Shakespeare’s Mac Beth.

Pan Pan’s reincarnation of the world’s greatest play, influenced by the realities and memories of our lives.

” I am Irish by race but the English have condemned me to speak the language of Shakespeare.” Oscar Wilde

“There style is more related to hara karri than Shakespeare.” La Nouvelle Rebulique du Centre-Ouest, France

Directed by Gavin Quinn

Music by Andrew Synnott

Set Design by Andrew Clancy

Lighting Design by Aedin Cosgrove

Costume Design by Suzanne Cave

With Drew Barnes, Andrew Bennett, Ned Dennehy, Eugene McGinty, Emma McIvor Katherine O’ Malley, Nicola Sharkey and Dylan Tighe.

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