B-SIDE: Luke Casserly / Jane Deasy

Dates: 14 Dec - 14 Dec

Show Time: 8.30pm

Tickets: €12-14 (DOUBLE BILL: 1 NIGHT, 2 SIDES, €22)

The Lonely Trumpet

by Luke Casserly

A work-in-development

A new documentary piece presented by Luke Casserly about the mysterious events surrounding the burning of St Joseph’s Orphanage in Co. Cavan in 1943. Thirty-five girls and one elderly nun perished in the fire.

The Lonely Trumpet is a performance that examines the relationship between the private and public event. Blending found material with the personal narrative of the artist, the piece will examine the themes of death, loneliness and the limits of our imagination.

This is a meditation on existence, as well as the unlikely thought of what it might be like to have never existed at all.

Developed as part of the Pan Pan International Mentorship Programme 2017/18.


by Jane Deasy

Environmental catastrophe is neither waiting down the road, nor has it already happened. We are living through it.

Record summer temperatures. Record rainfall. Gorse fires.
The roof of a Lidl scraped off. Supermarket shelves empty.
A metaphysical breakdown. A global existential crisis…

The climate, the land, our bodies, our minds. We struggle to comprehend, struggle to articulate, struggle to speak.

A live music-theatre installation combining text, image, sound and movement. An attempt to outline the existence of the future’s shadow on the present.

A work in progress, developed as part of the Pan Pan International Mentorship Programme.


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