Theatre / 12-12 December 2018

B-SIDE: Lucid Lucid / SQUAD

Tickets: 12-14


Show Time: 8.30pm

Two Girls

by Lucid Lucid
Two Girls is a film in development by Lucid Lucid, (Una Mullally and Sarah Francis), translated to the live performance space for this work in progress demonstration. What does a real lesbian relationship look like on screen or on stage? What happens when a depiction of two women in love is wrenched from the male gaze? Can you feel it? Set in Dublin’s underground female queer world, Two Girls traverses a relationship between Jess and Charlie who, bolstered by the social cache their power coupledom affords them, sacrifice individual autonomy to fit their partnership.


by SQUAD Productions
It’s been a year since Keith…
Dean is working at the local swimming pool. Still. Keith’s sister, Jordan, left college. Her ma needs the money now so she has to step up. Jessica has been off studying in London for the last 3 years but now she’s back for good with a masters degree in social work. We all move at a different pace, don’t we? Either way, the old gang is back together again. Minus one.
Will they sink, float or swim?
This new work in progress is a collaborative fusion of original music, popular urban music, new writing and dance. Featuring a collective of Ireland’s best hip hop dancers, Jump is about moving and not moving. Opportunity and lack thereof. Grief. Loss. And mates.


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