Music / 05-05 December 2003


Tickets: 12

In an exciting new development, the Contemporary Music Centre is launching a new music ‘Salon’ this month. Just as, in the nineteenth century, composers, writers and artists would gather informally to discuss one another’s work and explore the ideas of the day, this initiative aims to offer a platform to experiment with new work, listen to some of those rare second performances of recent compositions, and generally discuss and debate issues in contemporary music.
The idea for the Salon arose from a growing awareness in CMC that there is no forum in which new work can be heard outside the pressure of a formal concert situation with paying audiences and critics. Working in collaboration with Dublin’s Project Arts Centre (a partner in the project), and with the generous co-operation of professional musicians who are working on an expenses-only basis, works will receive informal read-throughs (hence the somewhat flippant series title of ‘Lost in Bar 20’) followed by an open discussion with the composers, performers and audience.
Salons are planned for October and November 2003 on an experimental pilot basis. The first takes place at Project, Dublin, on Saturday, 11 October at 1.00 pm. The musicians are Alan Smale and Annette Cleary who will play works (programme to be confirmed) for violin and cello. An electro-acoustic work by Roger Doyle will also be heard. The Project bar will be open afterwards and everyone is encouraged to stay for refreshments and chat.
The second Salon takes place on Saturday, 8 November at 3.00 pm, with musicians and programme to be confirmed.

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