27-27 November 2004


Tickets: 15.00

One of the most vigorous and inventive imaginations currently at work in the performing arts in Europe, Josef Nadj’s work is a unique distillation of dance, theatre and mime. ‘Le Temps du Repli’, an intimate pas de deux, marks a new departure for Nadj as he shifts his focus to affairs of the heart.

Nadj is joined onstage by dancer Cécile Thiéblemont and Lithuanian percussionist Vladimir Tarasov who, together, puzzle over love’s strange ways in a moving performance that is by turn delicately intimate, cruelly ironic or poignantly humorous. As ever with Josef Nadj, a haunting dream-like surrealism permeates the work while echoes of Beckett, Magritte, Brunuel and even Buster Keaton never seem too far away. Post performance discussion: Sun 16 May

‘Nadj’s inexhaustible imagination has created an enchanted world of marvels’

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