12-12 June 2007


Tickets: 15

A live audio-visual performance by electronic duo Lakker, with support on the night from Somadrone.


Lakker, aka Ian Mc Donnell and Dara Smith, have been making electronic music of many different styles since their inception in 2003. Their diverse output has ranged from electro-acoustic soundscape pieces to mashed-up death-metal-sampling breakcore, with releases on labels such as Risc Records, Go Away Recordings and most recently the online EP ‘Cosas’ with The Alphabet Set. Live, they have played alongside a plethora of acts like Andrew Weatherall, Tim Exile, The Bug, Aaron Spectre, Pamelia Kirstin, Chevron and Cylob, and have made a number of appearances at the DEAF, Mor, Leechrum and Mantua festivals. Currently they are in the studio putting the finishing touches to their long awaited debut album ‘Ruido’, due for release early this autumn on the Irish Lazybird label.


Incepted in 1995, Somadrone began as a project to document some home recordings from old tape machines and 4-track recorders. This was release in 1999 as a 10″ single limited to 100 copies. The latter years involved playing, recording and touring in Europe and America with Redneck Manifesto, Connect Four Orchestra, Goodtime John and Jape. Instruments such as Vibraphone, Harp, Theremin, Indian Drone Machines and Analogue Synths feature on 2005’s “Fuzzing Away To A Whisper” released Sept 05 on Trust Me I’m a Theif records. These collections of recordings are 2 CDS from six years of producing. They range from electro-acoustic pieces to pop music and incorporate elements of early Kraftwerk, Broadcast, Brian Eno and Steve Reich. While pursuing a PhD in Music, Somadrone’s third album “Of Pattern and Purpose” was assembled. The first to incorporate vocal accompaniment, it is composed mostly of miniature symphonies and electronic interludes. Released May 07, will be available nationwide on Trust me I’m a Thief records.

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