Music / 21-24 January 2015


Tickets: 10
Show Time: 9.30pm

Punk, Trad and Electronic are getting into bed together.
Some of Dublin’s best bands and musicians are taking over the stage and treading the boards for THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON 4 – The Jam Sessions.
They will rip apart the history, ethos and the sonic boom energy of three wildly diverse genres of music, offering you the chance to peer into the hearts and brains of the people behind the song-writing process and the unique opportunity to help shape a song as part of a live improv experiment where everything is to play for and everyone gets to play!
Over three nights, enjoy the delectable aural pleasure with a killer line-up of Dublin’s most singular musical offerings in the punk, trad, and electronic genres. Each night will be hosted by an expert in the field or independent music scene who will give us a unique insight into that genre’s rehearsal and song-writing process.
Wednesday 21 January
Electro-folk duo Carriages will take to the stage, and Emmet Condon (HOMEBEAT, Another Love Story) will entertain us with unique insights into the genre.
Carriages are Harry Bookless and Aaron Page. Carriages use field recordings, captured in and around Dublin City to create a backdrop for their songs to create a warmth and familiarity in their music. Carriages have set out to capture a living city in their music, by using recordings from parks, museums, concert halls and coastlines around their hometown and singing of loves won and lost.
Thursday 22 January
Fierce Mild will offer up their unique sound, accompanied by a talk on the independent music scene by Barry Lennon (Seven Quarters/The Parlour).
Fierce Mild are a trio playing angular post-punk, riot grrrl, up-tempo, dancey funk. Using layered harmonies coupled with vocal yells, Fierce Mild bring protest songs kicking and screaming into 2015.
Friday 23 January
Rebel rousers Lynched will bring a raucous trad set, while Oliver Sweeney (music journalist/composer) will educate us on the genre.
Lynched are a four-piece traditional folk group from Dublin who combine distinctive four-part vocal harmonies with arrangements of uilleann pipes, concertina, Russian accordion, fiddle and guitar. Their repertoire spans humorous Dublin music-hall ditties and street-songs, classic ballads from the Traveller tradition, traditional Irish and American dance tunes, and their own original material.
Saturday 24 January
How is music interpreted? How do we communicate through sound? How do musical genres influence us and how do they make us feel the way we do?
We want answers and we’re inviting you to come and help.
Sonic Whispers is a unique, interactive sound experiment, gain an insight into the creative process. Carriages, Fierce Mild, and Lynched will return on Saturday to jam live on stage, along with Shelly Buckspan (Music Coach at BIMM).
Here’s how it works:
One band first. They play a tune. The next band are brought on stage. They’ve heard nothing so far. Then each band will try to reinterpret the song played by the previous band – the only catch is that since they’ll have their ears covered backstage, they will be relying on you to gives them clues and cues of how to play. What was the rhythm, can you remember the lyrics, how about the structure of the verse?
Sonic Whispers will be a playful, insightful, and utterly unique evening that will explore both the idiosyncrasies of the genres, and the underlying harmonies of all musical expression.
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Wednesday 21 January
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THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON 4 – The Jam Sessions is kindly supported by The Porterhouse.


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