Film / Vis Art / 17 January

I Dream Your Dreams: Female Narratives in the Late Soviet Animation

Tickets: Free admission, booking is required
Show Time: 6pm -7:30pm

Screening curated and introduced by Nat Schastneva, independent researcher and trans artivist.

The photographs which make up Anna Daučíková’s series ‘Moscow/Women/Sunday’ (1989-1990) were selected by the artist from a large pool of images that had been taken at random during the late-Soviet era. In an introduction to this event, independent researcher and trans artivist Nat Schastneva will treat these images as an archive, posing questions in relation to modes of reading and learning, and how this visual material can become a historical source when investigating women’s lives in the USSR in the late 1980s. Following in the footsteps of gender and queer theorist Jack Halberstam (whose ‘silly archive’ approach from the 2011 Queer Art of Failure reassessed popular cultural sites in order to find unexpected areas of resistance), Schastneva will present a series of late Soviet animated films. Directed by women and produced by the most significant state-run animation studio USSR SOYUZMULTFILM, the films explore female/non-male experiences and views of life. (Nat Schastneva)

  1. A Folktale About A Silly Husband, 1986, 9 min. Dir. Elena Prorokova, Irina Margolina.
  2. From 9 a.m To 6 p.m., 1987, 10 min. Dir. Elena Prorokova.
  3. The Amorous Crow, 1988, 9 min. Dir. Muat Maria.
  4. Alter Ego, 1989, 10 min. Dir. Nina Shorina.
  5. Girlfriend, 1989, 10 min. Dir. Elena Gavrilko.

All films will be played in their original language, with English subtitles.

Doors opening at 5.45 pm


A Folk​tale About A Silly Husband,1986 (still), Dir. Elena Prorokova, Irina Margolina.


Project Arts Centre is proud to be supported by the Arts Council Ireland and Dublin City Council.

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