Special Event / 25-25 July 2019

Holy Show: Magazine Launch

Tickets: 0 (Free admission, no booking required)
Show Time: 6pm

Holy Show – a new print publication and production company showcasing contemporary life and culture through the work of Ireland’s artists.
Everything in the magazine is produced by artists and literary writers, making it a unique publication in the Irish cultural landscape. Issue 1 includes work by novelist Lisa McInerney (in conversation with Sen. Lynn Ruane), singer-songwriter Declan O’Rourke, and Aosdána visual artist Gary Coyle, among others. It even finds innovative ways to present dance on the printed page with Stephanie Dufresne.
But this is not just another literary or arts journal. Holy Show pitches itself at a broader, culturally curious market. Contributing artists focus on human interest stories that uncover the hidden corners and curiosities of Irish life. All non-fiction, it reads like something between an entrancingly esoteric lecture and the best pub conversation you’ve ever had.
Issue 1 includes critical musings on TV archival footage, hybrid essays, stage show extracts, film footage stills, in-conversations, and a gonzo jaunt to Mass of an Easter Sunday morning… with added fire!
This event is free, no booking required.
Looking for ‘A Holy Show,’ the show by Janet Moran? Click here!


Holy Show is an evergreen, Irish-Interest publication that looks at Irish life through the eyes of its artists. It tells contemporary non-fiction stories about Ireland’s people, places and curiosities. It’s a serious blast of colour, fostering collaborations between writers and artists of all kinds to deliver stories in unusual formats, alongside the most exciting new talents on the Irish arts scene.
Reading the first issue should feel like something between an entrancingly esoteric lecture and the best pub chats you’ve ever had.
Find out more at www.holyshow.ie

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