Dance / 10-12 July 2014


Tickets: 15/12
Show Time: 8.00pm

A stunning dance double-bill from Liv O’Donoghue.
HEAR ME SING YOUR SONG recklessly hauls you to a remote place and leaves you at the side of the road. There, existing somewhere between make-believe, memory and reality, you find yourselves as strangers, unsure of how you got here or where you’re going to. On this rough terrain, surrealism and dark humour is all you have to ward off the bleak cold. What happens when you have no place, and people are what you call home?
Created in collaboration with renowned musicians Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and Bryan O’Connell, Hear me sing your song threads together a fragmentary family history and the vaguest of memories, uncovering a past to shed light on the present.
WITH RAISED ARMS boldly exposes the choices we make within the strange rationale and cynicism of politics in the status quo. With a rough-edged score by Tom Lane, this duet is unsettling, stark and visually arresting.


Ages 12+
‘With Raised Arms’ contains scenes of moderate violence.
Post-show Discussion – Friday, 11 July: Sophie Motley will host a post show talk with Liv and the team of ‘Hear Me Sing Your Song’ and ‘With Raised Arms’. The conversation will focus on how the team approached the collaborative nature of the work, and Sophie will draw on her own experiences in creating collaborative work with WillFredd Theatre as she leads the discussion.

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