Talks and Readings / 19-19 October 2012


Show Time: 6:00pm

By Brian Bridges
Admission free
Composer Brian Bridges will present a survey of Glenn Branca’s early guitar ensembles through to the harmonic series and non-harmonic series symphonies, discussing the ‘Downtown’ context and of Branca’s music and his significance to the new music scene. The talk will include audio examples, documentary footage and an informal opportunity to ask questions.
Branca is currently writing a new work for Crash Ensemble, which will be premiered at Project Arts Centre on 2 November 2012.
Glenn Branca is a legendary New York guitarist, composer and producer who has collaborated with artists from David Bowie to St Vincent’s Annie Clarke. He provided formative inspiration for New York performers like Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, and Michael Gira of the Swans in the late 1970s, while also leading the No Wave bands Theoretical Girls and Static. He is the man behind avant-garde masterpieces, The Ascension (1980) and Indeterminate Activity of Resultant Masses (1981). His Symphony No. 13 ‘Hallucination City’ for 100 electric guitars was performed in Dublin in 2006.
Brian Bridges is an experimental composer and electronic musician. He studied with Branca in 2005 and states Branca as a key musical influence on his work. Bridges also lectures in Creative Technologies and Music at the University of Ulster’s School of Creative Arts in Derry, Northern Ireland.
Crash Ensemble are Music Ensemble in Residence at Project Arts Centre
Performance Dates, Tickets and Information
19 OCT 2012 ~ Tickets
Admission free
Duration approx 60mins no interval
*Concession tickets are available, with valid identification, to Students, Senior Citizens, Equity Members and the Unwaged.
BOOKING: (+353 1) 881 9613

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