Performance / 13-14 September 2015


Tickets: 11 - €16

Dates: 14 September 6.15pm & 8.45pm
Preview: 13 September 8.45pm
“Mmm, ok?” “So?” “It’s about the bear.” “Which bear? The big bear? The star constellation? The homosexual archetype?” “No the bear that is waiting.”
From the confidential to the indecent, travelling from the erotic to the pornographic and back again to friendship. Veiling and unveiling the potential of a complex intimacy between two lovers, between a monkey and a naked boy.
Drawing on the work of theorist Michael Hardt, GHOSTS tries to understand “how love can be the central, constitutive mode and motor of politics.”

Winner of the Judges’ Choice Award for ZOMBIES; why death is dying or are you working hard enough? at Tiger Dublin Fringe 2014.
“Genuinely and sensitively searching.”
The Irish Times

Running time: 65 min
Please be advised that this performance contains nudity and sexual content.

Supported by Cork City Council Arts Office and Cork Midsummer Festival

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