30 June - 04 July 2008


Tickets: 10

Project Arts Centre in association with Theatre Forum Ireland present a week-long workshop with renowned Argentinean director Gerardo Naumann. This workshop aims at identifying the different texts which circulate around the city. Each participant will choose one or several texts to be staged virtually. Cities are built upon planning; the natural landscape is disrupted in order to stage something in the space. At the same time, that construction contains numberless elements born randomly of something growing without a plan, without a reflection on how to grow. Cities seem to be more related to improvisation, to random growth, to something natural. Are cities really natural sets? A manual issued by the City Hall on the use of green spaces organises the use of those spaces; the bus ticket printed by a machine which is activated by a user records the time somebody used that public service; the city writes documents which find their representation in the city. The city is inhabited by private or intimate texts which intermingle with public ones.

The workshop fee includes admission to Make Me Stop Smoking, Propositions 1 and 2, Disco-nnect, Call Cutta In a Box and Etiquette as part of the We Are Here festival that Project Arts Centre is presenting with Dublin Docklands

Gerardo Naumann is an exciting innovator of theatre and film. His first breakthrough came with Cosas, which premiered at the Festival del Rojas 5. He then went on to collaborate with Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll) on the play ¡Sentate! El zoostituto. His internationally acclaimed production; Emily premiered in Imhotep, Lanús. Emily was written with texts from language textbooks and manuals and was staged in a kitchen furniture shop in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. The same year saw Naumann awarded grants from Proa and Typa Foundations to support his feature-film Uruguay. He has since participated in the Berlin Festival Theatreforum and filmed a short film Amor. He is currently working on his next theatre project Acto. Gerardo Naumann lectures on screenplay-writing at Buenos Aires University and delivers private workshops on dramaturgy and staging.

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