Theatre / 10-17 September 2016


Tickets: 11 - €15
Show Time: 9.15pm

Previews: 10 – 11 Sep €11
Dates: 12 – 17 Sep €15/13
Topical talk-shows are spontaneous speech-acts. Kind of. Repeat them verbatim in a theatre, and you see that they are theatre.
Sophisticated and very effective. But a form of theatre that Shakespeare could never have dreamed of. Or even Bertolt Brecht.
Energy, death, the truth, surfing, speedos, sex, history, politics and the meaning of life. Everything you could want is touched upon.
And even though nothing new is being said here (we’re just repeating what’s already been said); you should come to this show. The same thing is happening in every other theatre right now anyway, isn’t it?
Join in the conversation
Running time: 65 min
Supported by the Arts Council and Irish Theatre Institute
Tiger Dublin Fringe 2016 at Project Arts Centre

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