04-05 January 2008


Tickets: 15

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or 8 variations on a diagonal_knit 1 purl 3

An Installed Matrix for VISUAL ART + PERFORMING ARTS Fully resolved and integrated layers of sound sculpture, video, light, spatial construction, prose, lyric performance, spatial and temporal organizations, structural dance and sculptural movement form a monochrome field of fragmented patterns unified by silence and embracing universality in the arts. The metaphor in the title refers to the contemplative & ritualistic procedure of knitting where a high degree of concentration is required that is situated somewhere between humility and watchfulness.The artists share with the viewer a state of being where to be wholly and utterly open is paramount. “As artists, cultural diplomats and most important as human beings, we have a fundamental duty to nurture the creative forces which are given as a sacred responsibility to all life!” By ANTHONY J. FAULDER-MAWSON & URSULA MAWSON-RAFFALT

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