Dance / 27-28 May 2011


Tickets: 15
Show Time: 7:00pm

By Koncentrat (Poland)
FLOE (2009)
A woman in a black evening gown enters the stage, sets up a microphone and takes up her position at the control desk. A man, dressed as if he’s going to a rock gig, begins to talk about his life as a choreographer and shows the results of years of making movement. He talks the audience through the dance, which is based around simple contrasts. All aspects of the work – dance, music, lighting and performer – play with our perceptions to provoke amusement and curiosity. Is he serious, is he for real? Go with the FLOE.
Koncentrat is a Polish artistic collective, of which choreographer Rafal Dziemidok and lighting designer Ewa Garniec have been members since 2005. One of the most unorthodox members of the Polish dance scene, Dziemidok choreographs and performs for theatre and film, as well as creating his own works.
FLOE is presented at Dublin Dance Festival as part of Aerowaves, a European network that provides showcasing opportunities for emerging choreographers.


As part of the 2011 Dublin Dance Festival programme.
FLOE (2009)
Choreography/ performance: Rafal Dziemidok
Lighting: Ewa Garniec

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