Theatre / 15-15 December 2018

A-SIDE: Seón Simpson and Gina Donnelly / FemmeBizarre

Tickets: 12-14


Show Time: 6.30pm

Two Fingers Up

by Seón Simpson and Gina Donnelly
Seón and Gina graduated from Queens University Belfast (2017) with 1st class honours in Drama. Both now work in the Belfast theatre scene. Seón works as a freelance director and Gina, as a stage and production manager. Two Fingers Up is their reaction to the culture of shame surrounding female sexuality. They felt empowered to create a story with a positive, humorous attitude to female sexuality after seeing how the media and judicial system reacted to the Ulster Rugby Rape Trial earlier in 2018, seemingly holding the victim on trial and shaming her choices. Two Fingers Up investigates the sex education system in Northern Ireland and the taboo around female masturbation told through the eyes of a Belfast teenager. The monologue is based upon Gina and Seón’s experiences of their peers talking about masturbation, and their own research into and memories of sex education.

Mrs Cellophane

by Femme Bizarre
If someone stood up in a crowd
And raised their voice up way out loud
And waved their arm and shook their leg
You’d notice them.
And even without clucking like a hen
Everyone gets noticed, now and then
Unless, of course, that person it should be
Invisible, inconsequential me.
Welcome to Mrs Cellophane’s Birthday Party.
Well this is embarrassing .
Did you invite her?


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