Performance / 26-26 July 2006


Tickets: 5

In association with the Project Arts Centre, Future Shorts Ireland are delighted to present a remarkable re-score of the 1994 cult fantasy, Faust, by renowned Czech film maker Jan Svankmajer.
Faust is an ordinary, unexceptional man, who, after a routine day stumbles upon an absurd rarity. Led by nothing but blind curiosity and a bizarre map, he finds himself in a derelict theatre. As he innocently recites lines from an old script he finds lying around, he accidentally summons a demonic alter-ego, Mephistopheles, who tempts him with eternal gratification in exchange for his soul. The film features live action, stop motion animation and peculiar clay puppets speaking in rhyme.
Super melodic maestros Red Square will be providing a deeply moving live soundscape for the film. This superb quintet will bring a unique and beautifully crafted dimension to this highly acclaimed cult classic.
The night also includes a titillating mini-slate of both Irish and international shorts, along with other surprises, making this one-off event irresistibly alluring.
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