Performance / 30 April - 10 May 2003


Tickets: 13
Show Time: 8:15pm

Presented by Siren Productions
By Fernando Arrabal
Direction: Selina Cartmell
Set & Costume: Gaby Rooney
Lighting Design: Rebecca Wright
Composer: Dennis Cloghessy
…Once upon a time, a long, long time ago there was a magical city called Tar. And at that time all the cities were intact and flourishing Because the final war had not yet begun…
Based on Fernando Arrabal’s disturbing play this new adaptation will fuse dance, text, sound and installation to create a world of surreal beauty and savage imagery that fashion this bizarre tale of corrupted innocence, sadomasochistic love and unattainable paradise. Follow Fando & Lis into the world of original sin…

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