Tickets: 17

  Choreography by John Scott

Music composed and performed by Rossa O’Snodaigh

Following ecstatic reviews, full houses and standing ovations, Fall & Recover is back!

An exciting dance performance emerging from John Scott’s workshops with survivors of torture, clients of the Centre for the Care of Survivors of Torture (CCST), exploring and expressing their dignity and determination. The dance and movement celebrate the power of the human spirit to strike out a new life in a new land in the face of trauma, uncertainty and confusion.

“We are fallen. We have come up. … when you get the chance to move on, we move on … it is essential that someone has to lift you up … when you get up, you can help lift the next person up.”

“Dignity …hope that permeates” – Michael Seaver The Irish Times

“It’s images will haunt me for the rest of my life.” – Joan Davies, Choreographer

“Urgent and uplifting, deeply humbling and beautiful” – Patrick Brennan, The Irish Examiner

Speaking about his experience of working with CCST clients, John Scott said,

“what blows me away is their dignity. They are survivors – positive, optimistic, forward-looking. They are so hungry and motivated. As the legendary American choreographer Doris Humphrey described it, dance occurs in the frightening moment between falling and recovering, by a body moving between peace and despair; this is how I see their experiences.”

In recognition of his work with survivors of torture, John was the winner of a World Refugee Day Award from the African Refugee Network in June 2004.

Choreography by John Scott

Music composed and performed by Rossa O’Snodaigh

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