Performance / 27-28 March 2014


Show Time: (Various times and places throughout the building)

The THEATREclub ensemble spent 12 weeks in both Sundial House and Back Lane, holding workshops for the service users, earlier this year. These commissions are personal artistic responses of what they took from their time spent there. Shane Daniel Byrne presents In fairness?
Shane Daniel Byrne is not an addict. He’s just a man who lives in Dublin. Dublin is a city with a problem with addiction. He is a jack of all trades and master of one. He is an expert at being a young man living in the city of Dublin and has over 25 years experience in this area.
At several times, and in different places, he will share his findings about living in this city. So keep an eye out in the theatre, at the bar or at the urinal. He only knows about what he sees and what he’s seen. There will be questions that you’re not obliged to answer.
Everyone’s entitled to a say.
We’re all entitled to our opinion.
Aren’t we all entitled to a second chance.

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