27-27 November 2004


Tickets: 15.00

Tickets: €15.00 + €20.00 Booking: 01 881 9614 Running time: 75mins

New Art Club was formed in 2001 and aims to ensure that all audiences -whether dance divas or first timers – are entertained by dance. Choreographers Tom Roden and Pete Shenton present an irresistible blend of dance, theatre and stand-up comedy that is intelligent, funny, beautiful and engaging. Hot on the heels of a world tour this duo comes to Dublin with its most recent work ‘The Electric Tales’.

Welcoming the audience into their sometimes thoughtful, often funny world this is a performance about electricity; its role within and connection to the human body and what’s what about wattage

. In this hilarious journey Roden and Shenton find dark comedy in a light switch and light comedy in a dark world. Providing a wonderful up-beat note on which to end the festival this performance is a contemporary dance treat.

‘Roden and Shenton caper gleefully along the dividing line between lunacy and genius.’ The Herald

Post-performance discussion: Sat 22 May

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