Dance / 09-10 November 2017

Dx2 Double Duets

Tickets: 14 - €16
Show Time: 7.30pm

A double bill of dance from Firkin Crane on Tour. Dx2 presents TOST by Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre alongside You and Me, and You by Laura Murphy & Rob Heaslip in an exciting evening of new dance work.

Now in its second year, Firkin Crane on Tour presents exciting and new independent dance to audiences across Ireland.


Producer: Firkin Crane
Producer: Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre
Creators & Performers: Dylan Quinn & Jenny Ecke
Music Compositor: Andi Garbi
Set Designer: Paddy McCann
Lighting Designers: Tim Feehily

You and Me, and You

Choreographer: Laura Murphy & Rob Heaslip
Performers: Rob Heaslip & Marion Cronin
Sound Designer: Irene Buckley
Lighting Designer: Tim Feehily

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TOST explores the space between two noises, two happenings, two places and two people. With hundreds and thousands of people trapped in the space of nothingness, forced from one place but locked out of another, TOST questions the empty void between, where the screams of anguish are as deafening as the silence of action. A collaboration between Enniskillen-based choreographer Dylan Quinn, German dance artist Jenny Ecke, renowned Irish artist Paddy McCann, and UK composer and vocal artist Andy Garbi.
In You and Me, and You, Laura Murphy and Rob Heaslip rekindle the fire in their performance through a series of misfires and misadventures, eventually discovering that persistence is the only inspiration they need. In an intimate setting, they invite you to become a witness as they search to redefine their existing relationship by opening up to everything that can be right or wrong.
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Duration: 80 minutes

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