15-15 September 2007


Tickets: 25

Dublin Fringe Festival ’07 is Ireland’s leading multi-disciplinary festival of contemporary performing arts. DANCE TRIPLE BILL, 8.30PM, 10-12 SEPT, €17/14 (conc)


HANGING IN THERE Using comedy, dance, contact improvisation and theatrical instinct, two male dancers give insight into overcoming bygone differences. A work of physical theatre exploring the connection between the vocabulary of the peace process and that of contemporary dance. This production is supported by Daghdha Dance Company. CATHERINE YOUNG

COMMINGLE A pulsating blend of live African drums and traditional Irish rhythms makesthis a breathless presentation of the energy of African dance. Performed by and ensemble cast from West Africa, Argentina and Ireland, this is a work that reflects a culturally diverse Ireland. CAROLINE HAINAUT AND PALLE DYRVALL

CATASTROPE COMMUNICATION COMBINATORIA If our days are numbered and the mushroom cloud awaits us all, then let’s at least have a laugh about it. Chaotic doomsday dancer and stand-up comedian Dyrvall flaunts his finest Houellebecqian style in this prophetic story of the Omega Man. SCORE, 6.15PM, 11-15 SEPT, €17/14(conc)

AU CUL DU LOUP An enchanting journey through the world of competitive sports; from whistling skiers to buzzing tennis players, sticky-taped wrestlers to arrogant jockeys. Just like at the Olympic Games, they create a deluge of drug-tested drama. This poetic piece invents new sports and traces the arc of competition in a theatrical ballet of objects. DANCE TRIPLE BILL 2, 8.30PM, 13-15 SEPT, €17/14(conc)


THE ANIMA AND THE ANIMUS When wires cross and minds slowly falter into oblivion what is left in our collective consciousness are the basic and elemental ideas of shape, colour and form. Combining video and sound with more traditional dance forms, this juxtaposition of classical and modern weaves a mysterious tale that will linger long after the lights fade. ANDROS ZINS BROWNE

LIMEWIRE Ctrl+ c, Ctrl+ v, upload, download, copy this, copy that. Where does copying end and the originality of youth begin? Frenetic, idiosyncratic movement and thrashing abandonment give way to militarised, synchronised conformity in this arresting, thought- provoking look at the spirit of youth and conformity. A paean to ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’! YVONNE NG’S TIGER PRINCESS DANCE

STONE VELVET A daunting duo’s onstage chemistry goes beyond their differences in height, ethnic origins and quantity of hair. A pair of aliens caught in limbo flail wildly while trying to figure out their bizarre universe. Technically difficult, flawlessly performed and hilarious to boot, this engaging contemporary dance revels in eccentricity.


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