09-24 September 2022

Dublin Fringe Festival 2022

Dublin Fringe Festival is back and it’s big!  

Celebrating the glorious, the curious and the improbable from the top of the skyline’s tallest buildings, to the peace of your bathtub at home, in streetside confession boxes and on off-road bus tours, the 2022 programme is packed with performances that will shift your perspective and offer you release.

Dublin Fringe is amplifying the artists who create space for communal reflection and shared laughter. We’re shining a spotlight on the weird, the hyper-local and those who forge their own path. We’re introducing the brightest new talent – more than half of the artists in the programme are presenting work at the festival for the very first time. Get lost. Get found. Get together.

↓ See what’s in store at Project this September! ↓

The figure of a young woman lying sideways on a white background clutching her knees to her chest.

The Spin
Show Times: 19-24 Sept, Times Vary
Ticket Price: €11/13/15

Spiral at breakneck speed into the crisis-ridden present of Joanna Jennings. Twenty-seven and flailing from a breakup, she must reckon with the reality of the past. Read More.

A figure with red gloved hands clasped together as if in prayer looks to the camera, lit against a black background.

Oliver Cromwell is Really Very Sorry
Show Times: 20 – 24 Sept, Times Vary
Tickets: €14/16/18

A man the English don’t remember and the Irish will never forget. Put your hands up for Oliver Cromwell: Daddy of Democracy, Puritan and total Taurus. Read More.

A darkly lit kitchen with on older man sitting at a cluttered table with a masked figure in the doorway.

Show Times: 21-24 September, Times Vary
Ticket Price: €11/13/15

Brian has not slept in days and sits in his kitchen waiting for the darkness to pass. He is visited by a talking fox who will not let him sleep. Brian invites the fox in for a coffee and a chat so he can figure out what he wants and go back to bed. Read More.

A shadowed figure in relief against an orange and yellow background.

Show Times: 23-24 Sept, 6:15pm
Ticket Price: €14/16/18

This dance show is inspired by meditations on Yoruba proverbs, proverbs that act as an archive of ancestral knowledge, intuitions, and values. Read More.

Past Events:

Hive City Legacy: Dublin Chapter
Show Times: 9-17 September, 6.15pm
Ticket Price: €14/16/18

Lisa Fa’alafi and Busty Beatz of Hot Brown Honey are BACK at Dublin Fringe Festival! With a mobilised troop of Femmes of Colour who are locked, loaded and ready to take to the stage in this genre-bending, heart-thumping, mind-expanding performance. Read More.

Two men (30s) seated in front of a clock, one with his head resting on a table. Foreground and background are a strong royal blue colour.

Show Times: 10-17 September, 9pm
Ticket Price: €16/18/20

A powerful, poetic journey through a gentrified city, this transformative new show is about the arrival of a new life, the families we try to create, the families we may never have, and the post-crash boom generation living a life delayed.
Read More.

A man with a duck mask, t-shirt and no trousers comes through a doorway.

Show Times: 10-17 Sept, Times Vary
Tickets: €11/13/15

A darkly funny new play by Ciara Elizabeth Smyth that offers a theatrical exploration into the human brain via the genitals. Read More.

A woman sits on the floor of a hotel room looking at a TV screen.

Hotel Happiness
Show Times: 11-17 September, Times Vary
Ticket Price: €11/13/15

Welcome to Hotel Happiness. An escape from reality. A retreat from yourself. A place to be whoever you want to be for 24 hours only. A time to switch off, let go, fantasize, forget. With one rule only, you must come completely alone. Read More.

A juvenile looking woman in a pink party dress stands in front a high brick wall with a ‘No Ball Games’ sign.

Show Times: 14 – 17 September, Times Vary
Ticket Price: €11/13/15

A coming-of-age comedy about frenemies, first times, and figuring it out. Lash on some Sunshimmer, pop your collar, and pucker up for a nerve-wracking trip down memory lane. Read More.

A blonde woman with jewelled earrings and hair clips looks directly to camera in front of a blue background.

Catch Up with Louise McSharry
Show Times: 18 September, 8:30pm
Ticket Price: €16/14

Louise McSharry takes her Catch Up podcast live with a show covering all the topics you’re chatting about in your WhatsApp groups. Expect to think and laugh in equal amounts. There might even be a musical guest. Read More.


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