07-22 September 2019

Dublin Fringe Festival 2019

Dublin Fringe Festival 2019 is taking us to places we’ve never been through theatre, music, comedy, dance and much more.
This September we’re helping Fringe celebrate their 25th birthday. The 2019 editions will bring together some of the best artists in Ireland, welcoming the most exciting international acts, and throwing a 16-day party for the city.
Making a Mark
Talking Shop Ensemble & Run  of the Mill Theatre
A man wearing headphones stands in a suburban estate with his arms outstretched

Sorry Gold
Emily Aoibheann

An aerialist hangs draped in pink fabric

Things We’ve Always Wanted to Tell You
Scottee & Friends

Scottee stands in a white shirt against a white background as he pours a bottle of champagne on himself
Jaha Koo
A man sits on stage at a desk with two rice cookers on either side
Natalie Palamides
Natalie/Nate stands in a tartan jacket, wig and moustache with hair drawn on their chest
The Examination
A man stands holding himself in a darkened prison cell
Oisín McKenna
A man stands topless in front of a shop covered in graffiti on a sunny street corner in Peckham, he holds a green smoothie in his hand
Zine Launch
Luke Murphy
A slightly disheveled looking man in a suit and tie stands in front of a brick wall
A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings
Collapsing Horse
A man stands in the shadows with his hands held out in front of him holding two white paper wings
Louis Deslis
A young man stands at night on a well lit street

Some Names Were Changed
15th Oak Productions

A man stands smiling with his thumb up, a projector projects the words 'we don't know what we're doing' onto his white jumper

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