Kind Words Spoken

Collective release, worlds collide, everybody moves. Explore the 2019 Dubin Dance Festival edition at Project Arts Centre. A world of party, politics and power.


Dublin Dance Festival 2019

Dates: 01 May - 19 May


In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni

Roberto Castello / ALDES (Italy)



Eric Minh Cuong Castaing / Shonen (France/Palestine)


Tiny Dancer

Donal Dineen

happy young child dancing in listening to music



Robbie Synge and Lucy Boyes (Scotland)



Irish Modern Dance Theatre (Ireland)



Liz Roche Company (Ireland)



Merce Cunningham, A Lifetime of Dance

A Selection of Shorts



First Looks

New works-in-development by dance artists in Ireland.

First Looks - Dublin Dance Festival at Project Arts Centre, Dublin


Modes of Capture Symposium: An Introduction


DRAFF | Cube Takeover


Sound and Stage: New Music | DRAFF x ddr


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Hi there,  How are you doing today? We hope you and your family are staying safe and sane during these strange days. We've been thinking about how we stay connected. It's not easy. Some of us have to stay indoors all the time. Others mostly all of the time. We've had letters and postcards through our letterboxes that made us smile. We've got emotional sending messages of support and solidarity to others. Some of us have wifi, Social Media and laptops. Some of us don't. So, we're starting LOCKDOWN LETTERS. To try to stay connected to as many of our…

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Future Forecast Online

Who “gets” access to cultural and creative spaces? What happens to a “programme” when no rules apply? How does a building and an organisation inform the art it facilitates/creates/presents and how does that art, in turn, impact it? What questions are artists asking and how can a cultural organisation help artists explore potential answers? Future Forecast is a multiway transmission with 2020+ vision. In the future, everyone is an artist, everyone is the audience, and everyone is invited. Una Mullally   This summer, Project Arts Centre was going to present Future Forecast, a series of events and artistic interventions forming…

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