Theatre / 15-15 December 2018

B-SIDE: Doug Douglas / MALAPROP

Tickets: 12-14


Show Time: 8.30pm

As far as I know

by Doug Douglas
Doug fell in love with a prince once.
They had a relationship filled with luxury, greed, rich food, and swanky hotels.
He’s been paying for it ever since.
As far as I know is a true story about royalty, young love, moving on, and growing up. It’s a story Doug has told at dinner parties, and at bonfires. It has been slurred drunkenly in nightclubs and whispered furtively across pillowcases.
Now he wants to tell you.
Part podcast part performance join Doug as he shares this story with you episode by episode and reflects on the stories we all tell each other to get by.
Doug is a Performer from Dublin, an alum of Dublin Youth Theatre he has a BA in Drama from Dublin Institute of Technology and an MA in performance making from Goldsmiths University of London. He currently lives in London.

Where Sat the Lovers

by Malaprop
Where Sat The Lovers is about codes, trust, control, how knowledge might be power but it’s never safety. It’s about finding meanings that aren’t there, and vice versa. There are soldiers and alchemists, twins and psychoanalysts, geniuses and dickheads. (And those roles overlap.)
MALAPROP is a Dublin/London/Bristol-based collective of theatre-makers. We’ve made four shows together (LOVE+, BlackCatfishMusketeer by Dylan Coburn Gray, JERICHO, and Everything Not Saved)
Developed with support from the Arts Council, ITI, and FringeLAB.


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