06-07 March 2020

Double Bill: The River + Pidgin’

Tickets: 20 Full/15 Concession
Show Time: 7:30pm & 2:30pm

THE RIVER (premiere) is Flora Fauna Projects latest work – a large scale dance piece performed by 20 women primarily from Sheriff Street and Ballybough. Over the past 6 months they have been undergoing a unique and intense training programme in contemporary dance led by choreographer Maria Nilsson Waller and Irish electronic composer/writer Stace Gill / The Sei.

Loaded with urban beats and artificial sunlight, ’The River’ is the collective expression of every woman on this team. A story of true and hidden beauty, female strength and camaraderie, poetic and honest physicality and above all, courage, acceptance and flow.

Choreography: Maria Nilsson Waller
Sound: Stace Gill/The Sei
Light: Matt Burke/Maria Nilsson Waller

PIDGIN’ is a type of simplified or bastardized language which came into existence as a result of contact between two or more languages, in order to find means of communication, occurring for example in situations like trade, migration and colonization.

“Being born and living my early childhood in Nigeria and growing up in Ireland, surely a form of pidginization process took place, on a psychological and physical level, and this solo is me looking into that process. It is a personal quest into the hybridity of my selfhood, using sound, music, memory and improvisation as entry points.”

Choreography/Sound/Performance: Mufutau Yusuf


The River
Choreography: Maria Nilsson Waller
Sound/Composer: Stace Gill / The Sei
Lighting: Matt Burke + Maria Nilsson

Choreography and performance: Mufutau Yusuf
Lighting: Matt Burke
Production: Flora Fauna Project


“ A visual force of nature without pointing fingers”  Flora + Fauna 2018, Länstidningen, Sara Strömberg [break]

“What is more trustworthy than nature?” Flora Fauna Project 2019, The Irish Times, Michael Seaver


Partners D-Light Studios, Dance Ireland, Arts Council, Project Arts Centre + NEIC


There will be a post-show discussion following the 7.30pm performance of The River & Pidgin’ on 7 March.

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