Dance / 18-21 September 2013


Tickets: 14/12/10
Show Time: 9.00pm

Keren Rosenberg
A work inspired by the myth of Narcissus; where raw physicality, video art and sound come together through the interpretation of French poet and Philosopher Gaston Bachelard stating that: “Matter is the mirror of our energies which engages our imagination and summons the personhood of each of us, providing the will to action”. Water acts as a symbol of our extremely dynamic and coded society, where we constantly see and seek for our own reflection through our interaction with the environment.
What’s the matter?
Aoife McAtamney
Inspired by the different but overlapping disciplines of astronomy and science fiction, What’s The Matter? creates a movable atmosphere, suggesting the potential outcomes for one being in a theatrical space. With an energetic focus, movement is constantly materialising, yet is unresolved. This performance seeks to explore questions pertaining to our existence in the universe. Nominee of the Spirit of The Fringe Award for The Spinner. ‘McAtamney is a name to remember’, – The Irish Times, making choreography that is ‘original and impactful’, – Irish Theatre Magazine.
Produced in association with Firkin Crane, supported by Dublin City Council, Dance Ireland, CSC Bassano del Grappa and DISH Dance, developed at FRINGE LAB with the support of Dublin Fringe Festival.

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